The Peach is a drone-based data service company.

Acquire and analyze drone dynamic data to create valuable information.


Flight Control Computer, KASS GPS


Paper drone, Custom drones


Drone security solutions, Self-destruction · Reconnaissance service, Farmlog service

Our Story

THE Peach was founded on February 12, 2020 in Daejeon,
meaning a good person (Peach) who Evolves Human work with drone Technology.

We provide the services our customers want through the development of avionics systems and software for drones.
And aims to become a company that grows with the mindset of Vincent van Gogh when he painted "The Pink Peach Tree".
― The trees are in full bloom, and I work like a man possessed.


Provide value to our customers


2020.02.12. Established a corporation

2020.11.11. Flight control computer THE PEACH FCC-K1,R1 launched

2021.02.22. Drone SW security solutions THE PEACH-S1 launched

2022.10. Awarded the Grand Prize in the 5th Dronebot Challenge

2023.09. Korea Augmentation Satellite System KASS GNSS launched

2023.12. Designated as Defense Venture Company (Daejeon Defense Venture Center)

2024.06. Paper drone PAPY DRONE launched


2020.04.23. Participation in DNA+ drone task – detailed data collection and modeling business (~2024.12.31.)

2020.06.15. Relocation of head office (C-220, 17 Techno 4-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon)

2020.07.30. Technology transfer – drone security module technology (ETRI)

2020.09.01. Selected as a host organization for the R&D Special Zone Promotion Foundation project (~2021.08.31.)

2020.11.09. Recognized as an affiliated research institute

2020.12.21. Recognized as a venture business

2021.03.12. Released drone kit for education

2021.05. Implementation of initial startup package tasks

2021.11.08. Designated as a company specializing in military service

2022.01.01. Participation in DNA+ Drone Project – Data Analysis AI SW Development Project (~2024.12.31.)

2022.04. National Institute of Agricultural Sciences - Drone video observation and agricultural data utilization platform (~2024.12.)

2022.05. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - Land Transport DNA+ Aviation Convergence Technology Graduate School (Agricultural BM)

2022.11.30. Technology transfer – DNA+ drone data framwork technology (ETRI)

2023.07. Aricultural work management service - Farmlog launched

2023.08. Farmlog won the Excellence Award at the 2023 Data Utilization Startup Contest

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